Alternative Audio is the extreme two-channel specialist.

Alternative Audio’s over-riding criterion is musical enjoyment, recreating instruments or voices naturally. Too many systems add artifacts to manipulate the sound, therefore it is imperative to go out and listen to live music regularly, preferably unamplified. If you don’t, you will never know what you are trying to achieve. You may be shocked when you first hear an unamplified concert by the purity and understated sound you hear with a total absence of all manipulation.

High Fidelity noun “The production by electrical equipment of very good quality sound that is as similar as possible to the original sound.”

If you really desire this, you need to move away from the mainstream and move higher into the realm of the specialist, small-scale craftsman made products, with their own uncompromised set of values – passion, not brand lead, nor heavily marketed.

Do you find that you are not listening to your music anymore? Have you got a well-regarded system, which does not do it for you? Bright, harsh sounding with flat paper cut-out images. Have you bought a system you felt pressured into because of rave reviews but end up disillusioned, finding it fatiguing and musically uninvolving? Perhaps you now feel disappointed and sceptical? Are you watching too much television and DVDs? Alternative Audio believes that the purchase of any components must be done by careful auditioning rather than on an ad-hock basis from five star reviews. Or even worse, buying a bargain for the price alone. This cobbled-together approach will never succeed in achieving an harmonious and musically satisfying system. Sound familiar?

Our portfolio of quality products puts High Fidelity firmly back where it should be, being “as similar as possible to the original sound”. Alternative Audio specialises in vinyl and valve amplification as we believe it to be the most natural form of music reproduction. Alternative Audio also goes further by sourcing exceptional products from around the world not normally available here in the UK.