Sale Equipment

Analysis Audio Omega Ribbon Planar with Special Crossovers Ex/Dem£17000.00   £9705.00
EAR Yoshino 869 Single-ended Valve Integrated Amplifier Ex/Dem  £4819.25   £3855.40
NAT Audio Utopia 2 Box Remote Controlled Valve Preamp Ex/Dem   £6658.00   £4004.00
NAT Audio Se2se MC Paralleled 211 SET Monoblocks Ex/Dem£10774.00   £5878.00
NAT Audio Transmitter SE Monoblocks Ex/Dem£15108.00   £9567.00
NAT Audio Single Integrated 805C SET Valve Amplifier Ex/Dem  £5321.00   £3039.00
NAT Audio Se1Se 211 SET Monoblocks Ex/Dem  £6123.00   £3682.00
Nightingale Armonia Valve Integrated Amplifier with Phonostage Ex/Dem  £2995.00   £1895.00
Lector Digidrive TL Mk2 Digicode 2.24 Transport DAC Ex/Dem  £5780.00   £3757.00
Soundsmith Strain Gauge Mk IV SG-200 with Spare SG5 Stylus Unused  £7472.00   £5977.00
Vandersteen Audio Quatro Wood with M5-HP Filters Ex/Dem£12045.00   £6025.00
Definitive Technology Mythos ST Super Towers Ex/Dem  £4750.00   £2850.00
LFD Audio 1.25m Silver Scorpion Balanced Special Interconnect S/Hand  £2812.50   £1587.50
LFD Audio 5m Grain Free Bi-Wire Speaker Cable S/Hand    £750.00     £385.00